Slot loading vs tray loading

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Slot-Loader Basics. The slot-loading iMacs had a 15" CRT display, moderately slow hard drives (6-7 GB on the low end, and up to 60 GB on later models), and had a variety of media drive options. Some shipped with a CD-ROM, others had DVD-ROM drives, and later models generally included CD-RW.

Sorry, this is the best I can do. The second one is a replacement for a laptop with a CD tray. The last one I'm pretty sure has the CD slot load already in it. I do believe that some Dell's have what you want, check out Best Buy or something. Выбор DVD-rom (по способу загрузки) Tray vs. Slot-In... |… - крупнейший форум о технике и технологиях в Рунете... Community Blog by Volomon // ASTROCREEP2003 on… I only wished that it mimic the slot loading vs tray loading like the PS3 and laptops. The tray feels a little flimsy and is so last gen The two things that jump at me right off the bat are the interface and the controller. Both of these things IMO are well thought out and are very user friendly... Why don't laptops use slot-loading optical drives? -…

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It's the load / eject mechanism of the slot loaders which makes the noticeable noise. Read / write noise is much the same for both types. Few slot loaders support 8cm discs since they create an extra challenge for the feed / eject mechanism. I used a slot loader last year but have now reverted to a tray loader. slot load VS. tray load blu ray burner - Storage - Desktops

Inspiron is 38000INR while studio is 42000INR.i like studio coz its sexy but i am stuck for the slot loading feature of dell studio.I am a student and will a slot load drive be better than tray load?Please tell me abt d pros and cons of both slot load and tray load.

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